Glass Slipper Theatricals: Modern Magic 

          Glass Slipper Theatricals, Inc. (Bess Eckstein and Deborah R. Rosen),
          incorporated only last year, is the sort of production company that will
          ensure quality on the New York stage for years to come.
          Unquestionably cognizant of the fact that productions of quality and
          value are possible, even when faced with an off-off-Broadway budget,
          Eckstein and Rosen have already displayed their devotion to stagecraft
          via their professionalism and excellent work. 
          Earlier this year, Glass Slipper presented their inaugural production.
          They chose to stage the revival of Alex Ladd's NICETOWN, a show
          that both Ms. Eckstein and Ms. Rosen were involved in when it
          debuted as part of THE SOHO TRIPTYCH in 1998. The play, which
          is set in a bar, was performed in three different Manhattan
          establishments thanks to the tenacity of the producers. September 8,
          2000 marked the opening night of THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY
          HOLLOW, a new musical by Meg Belviso, with music by Eric Baum.
          Produced in collaboration with Joria Productions, and performed at
          the New 42nd Street Theater, the choice to stage this original work
          was another masterful stroke. The play has qualities that make it an
          obvious candidate for expansion. It is easy to envision a circumstance
          in which this promising musical, with the addition of special effects
          and more elaborate sets, could make its way to the Broadway stage.
          Bess and Deborah, who met amidst the chaos of one of Manhattanís
          many 1996 snowstorms, became obvious partners not long after their
          initial meeting. They have each worked extensively in the theater, and
          their experience is evident. Their combined credits cover nearly all
          aspects of stage production. Glass Slipper President, Bess Eckstein,
          has worked as a production stage manager and executive producer.
          Vice President, Deborah R. Rosenís, experience includes lighting,
          costume and set design, as well as producing. Together, they are quite
          a formidable team.
          A combination of business and creativity, the partners have developed
          a symbiotic relationship which nurtures their artistic endeavors, and
          enables their ideas and productions to flourish. A great asset to the
          New York theater, expect great things from Glass Slipper Theatricals
          for years to come.
                      - Kessa De Santis - 

          To learn more about Glass Slipper Theatricals, visit
          Read reviews of NICETOWN and THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY
          HOLLOW on our Entertainment/Off-Broadway page.
          For more about Alex Ladd, see the article STRANGE FRUIT on this
          page (News).
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