SOAR: How to Become Extraordinary and Successful in Your Career

SOAR: How to Become Extraordinary and Successful in Your Career

By Ashutosh R. Nandeshwar, Ph.D.

New Degree Press Publication

Wow, where was Ashutosh R. Nandeshwar when I was starting my career? His book, SOAR, How to Become Extraordinary and Successful in Your Career, would have given me at least a 10-year head start. With a perfect blend of altruism and self-interest, he has created a how-to guide that covers just about every aspect of career accomplishment, as well as a few life lessons thrown in for good measure. SOAR is a book full of anecdotes, quotes, research, and resources.

Nandeshwar has a unique formula which he gladly shares – LPO-ICE.

Learn-Practice-Opportunity and Inspect-Create-Elevate

He takes each category and gives you a step-by-step course. When is the last time you saw a section on “Learning to Learn” or “Opportunity Creation Tools & Tactics.” Did you know there are three challenges to creativity, and they all start with T? Unlike other how-to books, Nandeshwar thoroughly covers his subject matters by continuing the explanation or example with “And then…” Each chapter has a summary and additional resources and readings. And just when you think, I could never do this, he devotes the last three chapters to Resilience, Survival, and Persistence with real stories from real people who have done amazing things. SOAR is a quick read that can save you time and energy – it should be on everyone’s bookshelf.

- Laurie Lawson -

PHYSICAL LISTENING: A Dancer's Interspecies Journey

A Dancer’s Interspecies Journey


Illustrations by Joe Lertola
Doodles by JoAnna Mendl Shaw

Joanna Mendl Shaw takes you on a 22-year journey in her book PHYSICAL LISTENING: A Dancer’s Interspecies Journey. With a childhood full of accomplished skiing and dancing, a 1998 choreography experiment at Mount Holyoke began a new venture that ultimately led to the Equus Projects.

Physical Listening is a cohesion of intuition, sensation, and thinking. Shaw tells you how you can enhance this through horses and other animals (puppies, cats, squirrels, hippos, rhinos and more – oh my!). She explains various techniques – sponging (absorbing the horse’s energy), tracking (pelvis to pelvis alignment), cadence (weight sensing), learning through hands, and many more. Exercises are provided so that you can practice these techniques with or without animals.

With delightful anecdotes, exquisite photographs, and detailed doodles she takes you through various productions complete with background stories and behind-the-scenes tales, in countries and cities, theaters and stables, pastures and meadows. As she works with children, communities, autism, dancers, and anyone interested in her innovative creations, she includes scores, settings, movement diagrams, bits of research, and construction concepts. She has even managed to bring physical listening to Zoom meetings.

And why should you care about all this? Because Joanna Mendl Shaw has re-defined listening to an all-encompassing awareness experience. There is no event from which you cannot learn and enrich your consciousness and appreciation. In addition to learning from her horses, Shaw found lessons in watching her toddler take out pots and pans, a brief stint with vertigo, and even shorthand figures. Now that’s utilizing life to its fullest! PHYSICAL LISTENING may well be one of the most rewarding purchases you have ever made.

- Laurie Lawson -


Discover the Key within to Unlock Your Best Life


Tracey MacDonald and Ann Papayoti have a gift for you. Don’t accept gifts from strangers? Well, that’s a habit you’re going to want to break in this particular instance. THE GIFT OF SHIFT, Discover the Key within to Unlock Your Best Life, is chock full of personal stories with life lessons, learning experiences, and pure inspiration. The authors play full out with their honesty, vulnerability, and relatability – you are bound to find yourself in some or all of their anecdotes.

Find out how Band-Aids, Charlie Brown, Post-its, Grits, and JOMO (you have to read the book to discover what this is) have offered up opportunities and enlightenment to these courageous ladies. And then apply their stories to your own life. Each short story is accompanied by thought-provoking questions, complete with space to write down your answers, and then enough blank pages to document your own story. It’s a book! it’s a journal! it’s a life changing experience! A homage to Superman – yep, there’s even a chapter devoted to Superheroes in this delightful book.

In one of her stories, MacDonald uses a Zig Ziglar quote “I opened two gifts this morning. They were my eyes.” I highly recommend that you give yourself yet a third gift – open up THE GIFT OF SHIFT and get started on your Best-Life-Ever journey. It’s a trip you won’t regret.

- Laurie Lawson -




Artistic Director of the Vangeline Theater/New York Butoh Institute

This fascinating book delves deep into the origins and evolution of the unique Japanese dance form, butoh. VANGELINE herself is a moving force in the butoh world, recognized internationally as both dancer and teacher, and now, author. She has created book that is both scholarly and engaging.

Butoh originated in Japan, born in the bleak aftermath of World War II. It is most often associated with darkened stages and minimalism of movement and attire. It was also male-dominated and controlled. Butoh’s growth and evolution essentially parallel the economic and social changes in Japan as the years passed. Now women make up about 50 per cent of butoh dancers.

Fundamentally, butoh is an introspective form where pure unvarnished internal feelings morph into body movements. It is not a performance but an expression of the dancer’s deepest sensations, and experiences. As it became more well-known and spread to other countries, it drew inspiration from French films such as “Les Enfants du Paradis”, the ballet of Nijinsky, and the art of Klimt.

CRADLING EMPTY SPACE is richly illustrated with photos, charts, and drawings. VANGELINE also brings psychology, altered states of consciousness, and brain chemistry into the mix as she explains this extraordinary dance form which, by definition, defies definition. This book is a true classic.

-Karen D’Onofrio-


25 Secrets for Creating the Life You Really Want

An iUniverse Publication


What are you doing in this crazy pandemic time? Realizing that a trip to the grocery store could end up being an adventure on its own, why not consider how to FIRE UP YOUR LIFE NOW! Barbara and Allan Kenyon have 25 Secrets for Creating the Life You Really Want, and now might just be the perfect time to get started.

In addition to the 25 secrets, you will find inspirational quotes, coaching case studies, personal anecdotes, and entertaining exercises covering areas from anger to asking, fun to fear, and persistence to pretending. You get to decide if you want to take a baby step or a giant leap. You may want to clear the clutter, or increase your E.Q. (Enthusiasm Quotient), or get off your BUTs, or ignite your sense of humor. There are 25 options, and you get to choose – at last something that puts you in control again! The secrets are a perfect blend of Past (reflection), Present (doing), and Future (envisioning), and all are designed to FIRE UP YOUR LIFE NOW! What a great way to spend the next 25 days of your life!

- Laurie Lawson -



A 37-Day Journal


Are you looking for inspiration, motivation, guidance, and even a little fun? May I highly recommend Jennifer Lim’s THY DREAMS MATTER – GO FOR IT? This delightful book/journal is part autobiographical, part self-help, and always candid and thought-provoking. Full of quotes from both renowned people and Lim herself, you quickly learn that Ms. Lim is a person worth knowing.

Separated into four elements (Water, Earth, Air, and Fire), Lim uses varied tools (Points of You, D.R.E.A.M.S.) to help you define and refine your dreams. And then with a self-help, interactive 37 day journal, she assures that you will meet them! The journey is designed to create self-awareness, clarity, and confidence. THY DREAMS MATTER may be the most important book that you come across this year. Pay it forward and share with friends, family, and colleagues for the holidays – it’s a fantastic way to start out the New Year.

- Laurie Lawson -

POLISHED: filing away at life's truths

POLISHED: Filing Away at Life’s Truths


Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, LLC

Tina Panariello grew up in the Marlboro Projects in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. And she has written a book about her life experiences. Her journey from secretary to International Award-Winning Nail Artist includes a few stops along the way – actress, mother, businesswoman, competitor, teacher, salon owner, and author. And she paved her road with courage, curiosity, creativity, and perseverance. Through physical challenges, traumatic transitions, devastating financial disasters, and personal sorrows, her indomitable spirit and faith in humanity edged her forward.

POLISHED is written in the style of an old friend telling you a story. Candid revelations peppered with humor and anecdotes that introduce family and friends make you a part of Panariello’s adventures and victories. Personal pictures, as well as photos of her amazing nail artistry, enhance the narriative. And although written in the form of a memoir, make no mistake – Panariello is nowhere near finished in her quest for accomplishment and success. POLISHED will inspire and uplift – you will want the author to hold your hand, tell you a story, and paint pretty pictures on your fingers.

- Laurie Lawson -


7 Steps to Recover Without Drama to Create a New Life


Martin Salama defines divorce recovery as “the ability to put the past behind without looking back, without holding any grudges toward your ex, and without wondering ‘What if I did things differently?’” And he should know – he literally wrote the book RECOVERING FROM DIVORCE.

Salama shares his personal story from which he created a 7-step program for recovery without drama and creating a new life. I’ll give you a hint – RECOVER is an acronym for the seven steps. Not only do you get his success story and the stories of others, but there are self-coaching questions, evaluations and questionnaires to gauge your current status and your success, and tips and tools to get you through the most trying of times. As a bonus, there is also a Frequently Asked Questions section. RECOVERING FROM DIVORCE is a short read, jam packed with invaluable information that could possibly change your life.

To watch my interview with Martin Salama, click here:

- Laurie Lawson -


Strategies to Empower Women with a Chronic Diagnosis


An Angel B. Inspired Publication

If you are looking for a person who not only talks the talk but walks the walk, Doretta Gadsden is your woman. And just in case you think her walk is a tiptoe through the tulips, reconsider that assumption. In LIVING VICTORIOUSLY – Strategies to Empower Women with a Chronic Diagnosis, Gadsden candidly reveals a history of sexual molestation, drug abuse, HIV/AIDS and the various illnesses connected with this, and plenty of mistakes. And yet today she is a registered nurse, a certified life coach, a mother, a grandmother, and now a best-selling author. How can this possibly be? Well, in a down-to-earth, no-nonsense manner Gadsden divulges the unconventional path she took and encourages you to find the path that is right for you. Chapters entitled “Believing in Yourself,” “Forgiving My Shortcomings,” “Taking Chances,” and “Creating Support Systems” tell how she did it, and after each chapter is a “What About You?” section full of thought-provoking questions, as well as practical advice on how to maneuver the medical world and exercises to develop your action plan for a fulfilling life. LIVING VICTORIOUSLY is a must for anybody diagnosed with a chronic illness and a source of inspiration for all humanity.

To watch my interview with Doretta Gadsden, click here:

- Laurie Lawson -


A Woman’s Guide to Business Success


A Slater Success Coaching Publication

Are you ready to take control of your financial future? One of the best tools that can assist you in creating a prosperous business is Ivy Slater’s CONQUERING YOUR FEAR OF MONEY – A Woman’s Guide to Business Success. This book is filled with concrete examples, personal anecdotes, tips and tricks, exercises, and analysis sheets to determine where you are and how high you can go. From how to get started (Looking at your Numbers and Creating Action Steps) to making actual plans (Making Choices and Having/Executing a Plan), and maintaining your upward spiral (Networking and Mindset & Success), Slater takes you on an inspirational and motivational journey where you not only find yourself CONQUERING YOUR FEAR OF MONEY but also getting to know yourself better. Together these results make obtaining wealth a natural endeavor and an exciting adventure.

To watch my interview with Ivy Slater, click here:

- Laurie Lawson -




A Balboa Press Publication (A Division of Hay House)

Do ya wanna dance? You will after you read Micheline Nader’s THE DOLPHIN’S DANCE! Nader has created a five-step journey into conscious awareness using DANCE as an acronym.
Discover Your Emotions
Awaken to Your Beliefs
Name Your Patterns
Cancel Your Polarities
Embrace Your True Self

Using her own experiences from being born in Lebanon to founding/managing/selling several healthcare businesses, she shares her fascinating journey and helps you start your own personal adventure by unearthing your true self. Unlike other self-help books, Nader supplements her step-by-step instructions with personal examples, exercises designed to remove obstacles and expand awareness, and a system of accountability. There’s even an Appendix of Conscious Awareness Practice Tools. Be prepared to work hard for a life full of infinite possibilities and joy. THE DOLPHIN’S DANCE will inspire you to dance like a dolphin and celebrate your existence.

To view my interview with Micheline Nader, click here:

- Laurie Lawson -



Wise and Wild Women Creating Wonderful Lives (and You Can Too!)


Published by Life-Work Café Press

Are you a female over 50 who is (or has been) questioning “What’s next?”  Or maybe you feel like you are heading into your “golden years” and might as well rest on your laurels.  Well, do I have a book for you!

Dr. Susan R. Meyer has gathered under one book cover the stories of 50 fascinating females who created great things after the age of 50.  She includes herself in the mix and gives you the elements needed to go forth and live the most fulfilling existence of your life thus far.  Resilience, Persistence, Curiosity, and Openness are just a few of the tools you’ll need in your New Life Toolbox.  Using her 30 years’ experience as a coach and consultant, she helps you garner awareness, expand your perspective, and put your plans in motion.  After each section, there are reflections, questions, and exercises to clear the path to success.  No matter how you define success – career, financial, family, service to others, status, entrepreneurial, adventure – you are certain to be inspired by at least one of the stories in this book.  Check out FIFTY OVER FIFTY and start creating your own wonderful life.

Check out my interview with Dr. Susan R. Meyer here:

-          Laurie Lawson -



M.G. Lewis takes you into a world set in the not-so-far-off future with a foundation in the present. Class and fear rule all aspects of society; money (or credits) actually can buy you health, comfort, and essentials for living; and those that have ruthlessly fight to ensure that they don’t become the have-nots. Not too far a stretch of the imagination unfortunately.

In THE CLONE WHO LOVED TO BAKE BREAD John Holt learns that he is a clone when he meets Aaron, another of The Nesrady Clones. The Nesrady Clones fall into the Special Projects category but no one seems to know why, or if they do, they are keeping that secret to themselves. As John tries to uncover the reason he was created, it is becoming evident that several other entities are interested in him – from corporations like the United Genetics Services and the doctor who created the clones to security forces and nefarious have-nots willing to sell anything for a few credits. In this fast-paced game of cat and mouse, John realizes that he is developing special powers that could either save his life or be responsible for his demise.

This book is full of randy callous men, lusty ladies who use whatever they have to survive, politics that would make even the most jaded government official’s head spin, and enough twists and turns to keep you on your mental toes throughout the pages. And Lewis stretches your imagination when it comes to clones. Far from the stereotypical notion of bodies just sitting around waiting to have their parts used for replacements, his clones have senses of humor, hearts of gold, and humanization that makes you root for their survival. And one of them even loves to bake bread. A fun read.

- Laurie Lawson -



The Warwick Hotel, NYC
Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I guess when you have books with titles like “Three is the Charm,” “Sex Stories My Wife Told Me,” and “Transmutation Blues,” you can’t expect a humdrum book launch. And Entertainer/Novelist Ian Finkel does not disappoint. Son of Fyvush Finkel, the international performer plays the xylophone (a bit of jazz, Latin, and James Brown, thank you very much) in between reading snippets from his unconventional books.

“Three is the Charm” exposes the 1950’s street life of three working girls, while “Sex Tales My Wife Told Me” turns the marriage of a retired couple on its ear when the wife reveals an unexplored raunchy side. “Transmutation Blues” tells of the journey through unemployment from various points of view. Each book is peppered with dark humor, wry comments, tongue-in-cheek observations, and characters that push the envelope but still remain touchingly human. Enhance those qualities with the curmudgeonly readings from Ian Finkel and a delightful time was had by all.

All three books are available on Kindle,, and

- Laurie Lawson -



Concept – Message – Songs by JIM BELLEAU
Musical Compositions by MAROGHINI

One thing Jim Belleau wants you to understand is that reggae is not a music genre; it’s a religion. In his book, QUANTUM REGGAE, Message from Bob, Volume Oneness, he antes up historical/scientific data to verify this concept but perhaps more compelling are his spiritual experiences.

In the middle of A Course in Miracles study, lyrics to a song mysteriously popped into his meditation practice. These lyrics were the impetus for a song writing career, as well as this book. And in case you remain unimpressed, Belleau recounts an actual encounter with Bob Marley that resulted in a rich multi-universe partnership between the two. Marley, although gone for over 30 years remains the Reggae Master and World Wide Symbol for Freedom, both political and personal. Attempting to come from a “pure source,” Belleau has made it his mission to take true freedom to the next level. And how does he plan to do this? Through Quantum Reggae. Using music as a unifying force, Quantum Reggae attempts to dispel the notion that we are separate from God. Quantum indicates oneness with God, and if the term God makes you nervous, substitute Universe, Allah, Jah, Jehovah, or whatever sits well with your particular beliefs.

Belleau shows a genuine appreciation of Bob Marley and documents the fascinating collaboration, both in his book and his songs. A CD of his songs comes with the book as a bonus. It’s the perfect combination – the backdrop of gentle Reggae and the tale of one man’s quest to change the world one song at a time. You can pick up QUANTUM REGGAE on and begin your own personal journey.

- Laurie Lawson -

ROBBY BENSON:  "I'm Not Dead...Yet!"


Robby Benson, big-eyed, soft-spoken heartthrob of women of all ages everywhere, disappeared from the spotlight a couple of decades ago. There were rumors of heart problems. Although not seen as often, his movies (One On One, The Chosen, Harry & Son, and so many more) live on. And we heard he was working behind the scenes directing, writing and providing animation voices.

In his book “I’m Not Dead…Yet!” Mr. Benson steps out of the shadows pounding his much abused chest and declares that he’s still here. And in this one-of-a-kind narrative he shares the amazing journey on which he and his family have embarked. No doubt he is a survivor – four open-heart surgeries will attest to that. There is a great deal of medical information providing both a condemnation and a celebration of the medical system, but what makes this book special is the honesty, humor, and faith displayed by Benson and his family – a true testament to the human spirit. In addition to inspiration, this book is filled with magnificent photos of Benson and his acting profession, medical heroes, family, and friends; links to medical procedures and institutions; songs (the soundtrack with the same title as the book is available from; life lessons; and personal anecdotes. You won’t even be surprised when you learn that he has also included a bit of his own photography after reading “I’m Not Dead…Yet!” A recurring theme in his life is “Give it your all,” and he certainly does that in this book.

“I’m Not Dead…Yet!” is so rich and complex that I’m not sure of the best way to read it. I would love to have it in hard copy for all the beautiful pictures included, but the eBook provides all the fantastic links and music. There’s a Kindle version and a paperback version so your choices are varied. Whichever way you chose, you are in for a surprising treat. Enjoy!

- Laurie Lawson -


The 6 Principles You Need to Lead Great Meetings


In these times of continual communication and constant connectivity, any business person worth their salt is going to run into the dreaded teleconference. We creative folks have come up with some clever ways to utilize these gatherings; I plug in my headset and give myself a manicure. Unfortunately, if you haven’t considered a conference call to reach more clients, employees, and peers, you are going to find yourself left in the dust by fast-paced competitors. This means you may find yourself on the other end of that phone conducting your own meeting. But if Byron Van Arsdale and Bernice L. Ross, Ph.D. have anything to say about it, lame conference calls can be a thing of the past.

Creating conference calls that participants actually look forward to, enjoy, and benefit from is made easy in NO MORE LAME CONFERENCE CALLS: The 6 Principles You Need to Lead Great Meetings. Written in a down-to-earth manner and sprinkled heavily with humor, The 6 Principles to Lead Great Meetings will take your conference call from a snore to a roaring success. And the case study of a lame conference call is hilarious and oh-so-true. I almost got my fingernail polish out.

Anyone considering conducting a meeting by phone has to have NO MORE LAME CONFERENCE CALLS in their e-book library. You can find this business essential at and on Listen to co-author Byron Van Arsdale’s 02/09/12 interview on Coach Chat Radio here: Happy dialing!

- Laurie Lawson -


A Red Cape Revolution Media Publication


The voice of Darcy Eikenberg, Founder of the Red Cape Revolution, leaps off the pages of BRING YOUR SUPERPOWERS TO WORK and speaks directly to the reader. And what she has to say may very well change your life.

In keeping with the subtitle, Your Guide to More Clarity, Confidence & Control, she tells you how to find and define your superpowers and what to do with them once you have found them. If that’s not enough, over 25% of the book is filled with bonus materials that include exercises to keep you on track, resources, powerful questions, and your very own Superpower Statement Generator.

Eikenberg writes in a congenial down-to-earth manner that leaves you believing that not only have you just read a powerful book but you have also made a new friend. And she encourages the friendship by continuing the experience on her website – You can find BRING YOUR SUPERPOWERS TO WORK there and in book stores everywhere.

- Laurie Lawson -



A Workbook to reach YOUR full potential


For those of us who constantly feel there must be more, or in the words immortalized by singer Peggy Lee – “Is that all there is?” – Barbara Hofmeister has a plan for you! In her TO BE OR NOT TO BE – THE CHOICE IS YOURS! she candidly shares her life story and the benefits of mistakes made, lost opportunities, and lessons learned. This Workbook to Reach YOUR Full Potential is chock full of marvelous quotes, eye-opening exercises, and contracts to be made with yourself. Defining your purpose, setting up your goals, visioning your future, conquering your fears, establishing your values, and creating an action plan are just a few of the subjects covered in this essential manual.

In a progressive manner peppered with humor, she introduces you to Yebut and assists you in choosing between Victor and Victim. Tools and tips are plentiful, as are wisdom and encouragement. The choice is simple – get your copy of TO BE OR NOT TO BE and start living up to your potential. And I’ll leave you with one of the many quotes available to guide you along this exciting path:

Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.
Don’t wish for less problems; wish for more skills.
Don’t wish for less challenges; wish for more wisdom.

- Jim Rohn

- Laurie Lawson -

The YOU Plan

The YOU Plan
A 5-Step Guide to Taking Charge of Your Career in the New Economy

A Keynote Publication

Don’t tell Dr. Woody (Michael Woodward, Ph.D.), but I opened his fantastic book, THE YOU PLAN, and started using it almost immediately. This inspiring, informative guide to survival in today’s economy is jam-packed with tips, exercises, and step-by-step plans to help you take control in an unstable, and often unfriendly, economy. In logical order he leads you through the confusing and chaotic maze of job survival and successfully delivers you to the more rewarding end of career fulfillment. Motivation via positive thinking, reframing perspectives, and the delightful “Dr. Woody Moments” peppers the clear, concise advice and insights that are a part of this book.

THE YOU PLAN is an essential tool for anyone beginning, maintaining, and/or creating a new career. And for those of us helping others in those endeavors, Dr. Woody is an excellent source of both inspiration and education.

- Laurie Lawson -


It’s Not PMS, IT’S YOU!
A totally non-hormonal analysis of male behavior

A 2010 Sterling Publishing Company Release


Available at,, and various bookstores

Ever wonder why men constantly have their hands down their pants or why they can pick up a sports announcer crystal clear amidst a crowd of screaming fans but can’t hear you when you are sitting right next to them? How about the origin of the lovely expression “on the rag?” Well, Deb Amlen has some interesting theories about those male peculiarities and more in It’s Not PMS, IT’S YOU!

Packaged like a chocolate bar, her book non-hormonally examines all the bewildering behaviors that have puzzled and fascinated women for years. Heavy on the sarcasm and occasionally off the wall, in addition to wacky ideas like Scarlett O’Hara attempting online dating, Toenails of Death, and penis-measuring contests, she hilariously spars with her editor, answers Frequently Asked Questions, and includes a letter from her beleaguered father.

Will you understand the “other” species any better after having read It’s Not PMS, IT’S YOU! Probably not, but Deb Amlen will give you the ammunition for smirks, chuckles, and belly laughs, and that ought to be enough to get you through.

- Laurie Lawson -


When You Lie About Your Age, The Terrorists Win

When I heard this title a few months back, I did the mature thing. I found a wall and banged my head against it. A real-life, “Why did I not think of this” moment. When I found out that Carol Leifer wrote it, I felt a little better. We were both doing stand up in the 80s. She became famous. I became convinced that it was a character building episode for me. But was she compared to a young Woody Allen?? I think not. My mother was concerned that I had morphed into a short, Jewish man, but I did get better gigs.

Okay, this is not about me. I am not a big “laugh out loud person.” Maybe it’s because I still have my tonsils, but it takes a lot for me to make any type of noise when I am laughing. . This book gave me permission to do just that and it felt liberating! Who cares if my 401K is worth 37 cents. I loved this book. The timing of the book hitting the bookstores is like Carol’s timing when telling a joke - perfect.

“When You Lie” is 27 (you couldn’t do 25 or 30 ??) brilliant and humorous observations about life according to Carol Leifer. Each one is a complete gem. I believe when you want to help people learn or experience something new, give them something to laugh about. it is like sulfur medicine that is flavored with honey. Carol does this better than most people walking around.

Her life experiences and background make her a natural for tickling people’s funny bones. She does this by bringing you into her life and letting you kick the tires a bit. Her sharp observations are right on and you leave the last page wanting to start all over. And I am sure Carol wouldn’t mind that as long as you tell all your friends to buy their own damn copy of the book.

I won’t say anything else about what is in this book. It would be like not letting you all enjoy the set ups and punch lines. You deserve to discover it all by yourself. But, if you think the title of the book is funny, there is, “The Call of the Sweatpants” or “”Buried or Not, here I Come” that caused me to strike my head against the wall.

So go out and buy this book. And if I can’t motivate you to spend a little cash to ward off the bad news of the world, then do to for Carol, Lori, Bruno and their rescued dogs. You will thank me. Very much

- elizabeth cassidy -

THE SUBWAY SERIES:  A Book of Drawings Sprinkled with Words

A Book of Drawings Sprinkled with Words


Barbara Sfraga came up with the name THE SUBWAY SERIES for her unique little book because many of the drawings were created en route to destinations on the NYC transit system. And the subtitle “A Book of Drawings Sprinkled with Words” perfectly describes what’s inside the covers.

Intricately-detailed drawings, reminiscent of M.C. Escher but much lighter, accompany an occasional poem or song lyric. Natural flowing lines create images that are crosses between nature and body parts. One song (“Safe”) has the spot on lyric – “Paint me into a Monet landscape Make me fuzzy too.” Swirling vortexes of lines, forms and shapes create faces and thumbprints amongst landscapes. THE SUBWAY SERIES is a work of art that will fit in your pocket. And I’m not exactly sure which came first in the old chicken-or-egg dilemma but there’s an album with some of this book’s song put to music – Timelessness Frozen In Time – available from To read our review of the album click here.

-Laurie Lawson-




A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want



Publication Date:  January 1, 2008

366 Pages * ISBN:  978-1-59420-148-6 * $25.95

Available at, Barnes & Noble, Penguin Group



Sonja Lyubomirsky’s THE HOW OF HAPPINESS, A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want, should satisfy all those people who have difficulty embracing today’s self-help/control-your-destiny tools, like The Secret, visualization boards, crystals and herbs, and other faith-based practices.  Fully armed with graphs, case studies, research results, self-tests and reading guides, Lyubomirsky sets about busting myths about happiness, such as it has to be “found” or it lies in the changing of our circumstances.  Written in a down-to-earth manner with plenty of anecdotes from the author’s life, this book has just the right amount of self-enhancement and scientific evidence.  And she offers 12 Happiness Activities and steps to obtain and sustain them. 


THE HOW OF HAPPINESS is a fascinating read and you don’t have to constantly test its validity – that’s already been done.  Lyubomirsky contends we are in control of approximately 40% of our happiness.  I don’t know about you, but I can (happily) live with those statistics. 


- Laurie Lawson -



A Guide to Charging What You’re Worth

An iUniverse Publisher’s Choice
Available on and

Jane Francis had me pegged by page 3 of her eye-opening book, PRICE YOURSELF RIGHT: A Guide to Charging What You’re Worth. I kept trying to remember if we had ever met. This is a must-read for anyone in business or even contemplating opening their own business. It speaks to the heart and problems of well-intentioned, perhaps timid, entrepreneurs everywhere.

Chock-full of business tips, you’ll learn three things that customers of any culture, age, interest and socioeconomic status like; what your price tells the customer about you; 10 easy ways to discount and lose money fast; and 20 tips for negotiating success. Francis attacks the psychology of pricing - both yours and the client’s, and I’m willing to bet that there are a few life lessons to be learned here as well. She gives you a slew of options to consider when you’re determining price (including the “suck it and see” lollipop theory), tells you how to deal with an array of problem clients, and shows you how to write a written quote. Before you know it, you have a benchmark figure for your business, an idea of how many hours you need to work, and a breakeven point. Voila - your hourly rate awaits you! This book should be an integral part of any business education, training or marketing program.

Price Yourself Right is written in a easy-flowing style and takes you on an encouraging, inspiring journey in logical progression. And if that’s not enough, there’s a Recommended Reading List and a Glossary of Terms. Peppered with anecdotes from Francis’ hard-earned experience in her own business, this may well be the most enjoyable business book you’ve read in quite some time.

- Laurie Lawson -

HOW IT’S DONE 101:  The Definitive Primer of Coaching Practice Development

The Definitive Primer of Coaching Practice Development

Published by Very Good Coaching Books
64 pages

HOW IT’S DONE 101: The Definitive Primer of Coaching Practice Development is a no-frills, let’s-get-it-going guide for success. Rather than hold your hand step by step as you create your coaching practice, Master Certified Coach Ken Zaretzky tells you how to accomplish the business of your dreams. Or not - he actually has the audacity to suggest that you might want to quit your business if it’s not working. Definitely not a book for the timid or uncertain! One of the few coaches who can say that he makes a six-digit salary, Zaretzky freely shares all the tactics and tricks that worked for him. He does it with amusing anecdotes, tongue-in-cheek humor, and no sugar coating. He’s brutally honest, succinct (that’s why the book is only 64 pages), down to earth in his presentation, and funny as hell. Zaretzky will tell you what coaching schools won’t tell you, where your clients are hanging out right now, the difference between a liar and a visionary, and much more. Don’t be surprised if the phrase “cheap whore” creeps into your vocabulary. HOW IT’S DONE 101 can only be ordered online at the website above. It’s a must for anyone serious about creating a successful coaching practice. The good news is that it can be done. The bad news is that there are no magic wands, just a lot of hard work, but this little gem of a book puts you light-years ahead of the competition.

- Laurie Lawson -



Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age

Riverhead Books (
260 pages

On my birthday I went to a Neil Diamond concert. And I have to confess, when the overture began, I had to hold back tears. The music reminded me of a time when we all thought we could change the world, when people cared about each other. The concert was magnificent, but I left with nostalgia for days gone by.

And then I picked up Daniel H. Pink’s A WHOLE NEW MIND: Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age. What a hope-restoring, inspiring work! Pink’s premise is that in light of our current age of Abundance (a computer in every home has replaced a chicken in every pot), Asia (job outsourcing), and Automation (when’s the last time you actually wrote a letter by hand?), we are now moving into the Age of Conceptualization where human skills and qualities count. According to Pink, there’s room for both, and the successful survivors will be those who can meld both worlds. He backs this up with plenty of current-day, real-life facts and figures.

What makes A Whole New Mind special is the manner in which the information is presented. Pink’s style contains humor, anecdotes, and tons of easy-to-understand scientific studies. And at the end of each chapter, there is a Portfolio of resources, websites, exercises, clubs and places to visit just in case he’s peaked your interest. And he will.

A Whole New Mind will tickle your brain, upset your current mode of thinking, and hand you a guide to a bright and meaningful future – not bad for a $25 investment!

- Laurie Lawson -

LORI:  My Daughter Wrongfully Imprisoned In Peru

           B O O K S
Published November 15, 2000
ISBN: 1-893956-06-7
256 pages
Current Events/Biography
       This new work, which tells the facts of a story that is still unfolding,
       presents a clear time line of the arrest and incarceration of Lori
       Berenson. If the outline of the book is reader friendly, there is
       nothing pedestrian about the content.  Scary, startling and revealing,
       PERU will cause any traveler, especially one of humanitarian
       convictions, to look over each shoulder, often.
       In clear, frank detail, Rhoda Berenson reveals the injustice rampant
       in the Peruvian legal system. The surprise here, in light of the staid
       narrative voice, is that the Berenson Family has been privy to the
       uglier side of the United States government as well. Their story,
       simply related through Rhoda's recall, offers an unflattering reality
       about US politics.
       The horrors of the prisons almost pale in the face of the innate
       courage of the Berenson family.  Treachery, disappointment, deceit,
       incarceration and intimidation have done nothing to quelch the
       spirits of these twenty-first century pioneers.
       Truth be told, I know the Berenson family, Lori in particular,
       intimately.  Although an outsider may find her mother's repeated
       references to her stalwart bravado a product of wishful thinking, as an
       actual correspondent with this book's subject, I can affirm the
       unfaltering mental strength possessed by Ms. Berenson.
       IMPRISONED IN PERU is quite compelling, and rather good.  All
       supporters of sought democracy should rally behind this cause.  In a
       country where the commitment to the system is merely measured by
       voter turnout, it behooves us all to fight the fight for real democracy -
       one that in our recent past led to such bloodshed.  As the recipients
       of such hard won pleasures, we have become far too complacent.
                   - Kessa De Santis -
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