The First Solo Show

In Cooperation with the Estate of Ejay Weiss – John Vavroyan, Executor

Gallery Five Ten
139 West 35th Street, Suite 510
November 1, 2019 – November 28, 2019

Renowned Artist Ejay Weiss described his work as “a journey into the nature of continuity and discontinuity…” and “a Zen-like process.” Mr. Weiss was a gentleman who knew his work well, and well he should because he painted every day for 54 years. You can see the awe-inspiring results in his first solo show – EMERGENCE.

In a swirl of colors and dimensions, each painting offers a hidden surprise. When you think a painting is three dimensional, you will discover it is an illusion. And the reverse is true – upon closer examination you will suddenly see the extra layers that create the amazing effects of what appeared to be a flat portrayal. Often you can find a square amidst the beauty. EMERGENCE is a treasure trove, as well as a treasure hunt. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience it.

- Laurie Lawson -


529 Third Avenue
Thursday, March 20 through April 13, 2014

This lovely space began as a framing shop 15 years ago. Its founder, SHADIN HOSSAIN, migrated from Bangladesh as a teenager, with a dream of pursuing his art. He worked his way up from menial jobs to working at a frame gallery, to opening his own.

Beyond just framing, Hossain�s ambition led him to selling original artwork, including his own and other artists, such as Romero Britto and James C. Leonard, garnering him a unique reputation. In addition, Hossain has held several events for various charitable organizations. This current event is to benefit Smile Train, a charity to support cleft lip and palate, and to celebrate Galleria on Third�s 15th Anniversary. It�s no wonder he was named NY1�s New Yorker of the Week.

This current exhibit features Hossain�s medium sized pieces using silver and gold three-dimensional lines that form the contours of his subjects, focusing on New York City landmarks and trains. Then there�s Britto�s colorful cartoon paintings, framed and matted in black, as well as his ceramic coffee mugs, trains, and animal figures in the same colorful patterns dissected with black lines. In contrast are Leonard�s abstract, splotchy paintings that are anything but representational. The exhibit also included ABC�s Sandy Kenyon�s photographs of skylines, kids swimming and lily pads.

The paintings and photographs are for sale and proceeds will help benefit Smile Train. Be sure to enter the raffle for a chance to win Hossain�s Brooklyn Bridge painting.

- Gloria Talamas -


THE RIDE Presents


May 4 � September 2
Thursdays & Fridays @ 7:30 PM; Saturdays @ 1 PM, 3 PM & 7:30 PM;
Sundays @ 1 PM & 3 PM

Box Office: 234 West 42nd Street (Madam Tussauds in Times Square)
(866) 299-9682 or www.broadwayoffers.com

Charles Fazzino, internationally renowned 3-D Pop Artist, has been named the official artist of the Olympics, the NFL, and the Superbowl, so what on earth is his art doing all over a New York City bus? And this is no ordinary bus � stadium-style sideways seats that face a glass window into the wonder that is New York City, surround sound, LED lighting, and 40 video screens, just to name a few special features.

Welcome to THE FAZZINO RIDE, a 4.2 mile journey in a traveling theatre using the streets of New York City as a backdrop. There�s a treasure at every turn. You may find a ballerina in a fiber-optic tutu performing around a landmark fountain, a cello and kazoo duet, a street rapper following your bus for a couple of blocks, or a multitude of other surprises. Inside the bus there are interactive sing-alongs, informational short films, videos of Fazzino�s art, and even a subway ride.

At the end of this one-of-a-kind experience, THE FAZZINO RIDE becomes a karaoke bus as its 49 participants sing a rendition of �New York, New York� that can be heard all over Times Square. When�s the last time you saw jaded New Yorkers stop to wave and smile and sing along with a bus? �Nuff said.

To see the largest collection of Charles Fazzino�s art, visit the Barrington Gallery of London, Ltd, 572 Fifth Avenue, (212) 302-9546.

- Laurie Lawson -

Fading Ad Campaign


August 4 to November 1, 1998

2 West 77th Street
New York, NY  10024
Fading Ad Campaign
Clinging precariously to bricks and mortar, time and the elements their
greatest enemy, they can be found on almost every street in New York
City. Many of us fail to notice.If we do it is with but a quick glance
or a quizzical eye searching for recognition in fading paint.  They have
not escaped the eye of Photographer Frank H. Jump however, who has
documented the painted advertisements found on building walls in the
metropolitan area.You can see his work at a new exhibition at The
New-York Historical Society entitled  FADING AD CAMPAIGN:
VINTAGE PAINTED SIGNS. The exhibition is not just a record of
painted signs, it is a visual delight reflecting one of the many pieces 
that make New York a treasure trove to explore and experience.

At first look the photos appear to be just pictures of fading signs.Each
contains an ad or two, sometimes one sign can be seen through the
peeling layers of other advertisement painted on top. When you take a
second look the photos begin to speak volumes about the subject matter
and the artistic eye of Mr. Jump. There are colors and textures and
varying shades of light and dark, bringing the eye back again, and again
in a constant motion of discovery. The richness of the pictures are in the
little details surrounding the vintage signs; lines of bricks and mortar,
reflections in windows, a telephone wire cutting across the image.  Not
only are the signs documented but so are the everyday things we take for
granted;cars,graffiti,pedestrians, cabs, etc. All the things that make up
the unique tapestry of New York City.

In his forward Mr. Jump states that "the images are metaphors for
survival. Many have outlived their expected life span and the products
they advertise." The painted sign may someday vanish from the urban
landscape but with the help of Photographer Frank Jump they will live on
in brilliant, glossy images of line and color. This exhibition runs now
through November 1, 1998  

                    Jon Lee
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